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Epicormic growth
Products and services
  • Design, manufacture and deployment of sensors for vegetation and environmental monitoring

  • Automated terrestrial laser scanners for long term monitoring of forest Leaf Area Index (LAI) and 3D structure

  • Radial dendrometers for measuring tree stem growth at micron resolution

  • Sapflow sensors based on the heat ratio method (HRM) for estimating tree water use

  • Sensor networks for monitoring Photosynthetically Activate Radiation (PAR) within canopies

  • Solar powered time-lapse imaging of phenology and post-disturbance recovery

  • Wireless sensor networks, remote telemetry and online data services

Good decisions
are based on
good information

About us

Environmental Sensing Systems specialises in the acquisition and interpretation of data describing vegetation structure and condition. With over 20 years' experience, we undertake the development of sensing devices and algorithms to improve knowledge and management of natural environments. Environmental Sensing Systems is based in Melbourne, Australia. We undertake projects nationally and globally.

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